Terms & conditions

~ 1.
The subscription according to the attached formula is based on each academic year & automatically renewable unless cancellation given at the end of May of the current academic year. The first subscription is taken into consideration after payment of the first month.
~ 2.
The teacher undertakes to provide either at the pupil’s home or or on the school’s premises, at the agreed upon day and time, a combined instrumental and theory lesson of 50 minutes; the duration may be extended at the discretions of the teacher.
~ 3.
The pupil undertakes to respect and follows the timetable agreed upon with the teacher. He/she will attend any meetings proposed of case in case during the year. He will attend to the Rehearsal and the Annual Concert as well as to any supplementary lesson necessary for its preparation. All supplementary lessons given upon the teacher’s request are free of charge.
~ 4.
The teacher undertakes to respect the time agreed upon and reserved for each pupil. He/She will replace any missed lessons before the end of the curent academic year. In the event that no suitable date is found following 3 proposals by the teacher, the lesson is cancelled and not replaced.
~ 5.
The yearly schedule is provided separately at the beginning of each new academic year via www.ludissima.com (Calendar & Fees). It includes cantonal & national days off as well as the dates of the Rehearsal and the Annual Concert.
~ 6.
As per the rate appearing on the site : www.ludissima.com, the monthly fees of CHF................ (over a period of 10 months) are payable in advance either by postal bill provided by the School or e-banking at the B.C.V, IBAN CH69 0076 7000 U527 6967 0.
~ 7.
Supplementary and Individual lessons are charged separately ( rate indicated at www.ludissima.com).
~ 8.
Fees will not be reimbursed when the pupil does not attend the agreed lesson. Cancellation of lessons/enrollment and refunding of fees can only be accepted and agreed upon by the Ludissima direction.
~ 9.
Any resignation given inside the current year is accepted at a charge of the equivalent amount of 6 months lessons.